September 1, 2012

Just call me Sherlock.

Today I was driving along with the radio blasting,
when "50 Ways to Say Goodbye" by Train started playing.
The Mexican guitar and trumpets immediately
caught my attention, but it was the melody of the verses
that REALLY had me fixated.
"I know this song!"
I thought to myself.
Then I realized, it was a remix of
"Phantom of the Opera." The verses sound the same.
I know this because Phantom in all its forms has been
one of my obsessions over the years.
Listen for yourself here:
When I googled the two songs together
and realized that tons of other people thought the
same thing, I was glad it wasn't just in my
head, but sort of bummed that I wasn't
a lone genius either.
I noticed something others may not have caught...
The lead singer of Train, Pat Monahan:
looks sort of similar to Ramin Karimloo:
who is THE Phantom of the Opera on stage.
Seriously.  Just look at him, let alone listen to him sing!!! *swoon*
So anyway-
Pat, the Train guy, wants Ramin's old job.
"50 Ways to Say Goodbye" is actually an audition.
While I enjoy hearing it on the radio almost as much as
seeing that Mariachi Guy's hair in their music video,
Rock it, hombre!
there is only ONE Phantom in my book,
and that's Mr Karimloo.  (No offense, Pat.)
Just kiss him already, Christine!!!
*I will have to do a post dedicated to Ramin later.*
Wow, I'm such a great detective!
I watched Sherlock  Season 2 yesterday.
Must've rubbed off. :)

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