August 31, 2012

Awesome Alfie

One of my favorite discoveries from last year~
The talented Alfie Boe.
This man can SING...
as in SAAAANG!!!

At first glimpse, this fellow may look like
a thinner version of Al Borlan from "Home Improvement,"
but this man is SO MUCH MORE!
I shall enlighten those of you who have not yet
been introduced to the wonder of The Alfie.

First of all, his last name is pronounced "bow," like the thing you
put on gifts... not Bowie, like the rocker-with-crazy-eyes.
(Had to make this clear, since I called him "Alfie Bowie" for a bit.)

You can see Alfie hanging out with
his hilarious and charming buddy, Matt Lucas,
performing kitchen concerts together on YouTube.
(Check out his channel HERE.)

Early in 2011, I discovered
Alfie (and Matt- the guy in the blue jacket)
when I was flipping through  the channels, and saw
"Les Miserables 25th Anniversary" on PBS. 
I began watching, and BOOM... instant Alfie Boe fan! 
(Seriously- watch that production and tell me you aren't impressed.) 
He was amazing as Jean Val Jean... the voice, the passion...
amazing!  I have rewatched it many times since.

HERE is one of my favorite numbers.

Besides being freakishly talented,
Alfie seems like the nicest guy.  He's always
smiling in interviews/videos. (Like THIS one.)

As if I didn't love this guy enough,
he married this pretty lady, Sarah, who is
from Utah, my home state!!!
Good pick, Alfie. :)

Maybe this means I can stalk him
see him sing live some time in the future,
when they're spending time in the states.
*crossing fingers*

Alfie recently performed at
Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee
and kicked ARSE, in my unbiased opinion. :)
Rock it, Alfie!

I'm looking forward to more of
what Mr. Alfie Boe has in store.

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