September 28, 2012

An "Avengers" Analysis

I'm not normally into super hero flicks...
but "The Avengers" is a new fave.
It's funny,
it's action-packed and exciting,
and let's not forget...
the eye candy!!!
Oooh, a pair of handsome Christophers!
Anyway, enough with that shallow stuff.
Let's talk about something deep and meaningful here...
the hairstyles.
My favorite character is the bad boy, Loki.
Having said that, his hair looks like
Mary Tyler Moore stuck her finger in a socket.
 (Loki is not amused.)
His brother, Thor, on the other hand,
looks like a model in a Pantene Pro-V commercial.
He's is pretty smug about it.
Natasha's bad-ass bob:
The red-with-black reminds
the viewer of a real black widow.
Then there's "Cap" and his perfect cap.
Hawkeye's hair looks like my 6 year-old son's.
The Hulk's salt-and-pepper hair, on the other hand,
gives him a rather distinguished look, don't you think? :)
Here's what I want to know...
why in the heck does Tony Stark have every hair
in place each time his helmet is removed!?
Shouldn't he have squished-down helmet hair
instead of that fluffy, styled coif?  Is there a hairstyle
button built into the rest of the suit's gadgets?
(Why was this not on the bonus features?)
Then there's Nick Fury...
who thinks this is a horrible topic.
Anyway, back to the Lok-ster.
My favorite hairdo of his is actually
in "Thor" when his usual slicked-back do
is all messy when he's fighting the frost giants.
(Yes, I know how incredibly dorky that
just sounded, thanks.)
And that extended scene when he looks like a Disney prince. :)
This collage is from HERE.
Who is your favorite
"Avengers" character and why?


Ruth said...

Oh, glad you enjoyed "The Avengers"! I loved it. I adore Tom Hiddleston, so Loki is a favorite. But besides him, my new obsession this year is Jeremy Renner. I LOVED him as Hawkeye, and then in the latest Bourne movie. GAH!!! He makes me happy. :)

Traxy said...

You only get to pick one? :(

I can't decide. I mean, I've always had a thing for Thor ... but Tony Stark has that glint in his eye. Cap has a cute butt and is delightfully old-fashioned, but then again, Banner is all brainy and smouldering (when he isn't green). And and and ... I haven't even got to Loki or Hawkeye yet!


pi said...

Love your new blog, Nat. I haven't been around much but decided to dip a toe into the Armitage sea, and here you are!

Oddly, my fave Avengers hero was Captain America. While the rest were bitching away and competing with each other, he finally organised and focussed them. He embodies the values of common human decency, loyalty, responsibility and courage. He may not be fun at a party like Tony Stark, or have a party trick like Thor, but you can count on him in a fight, and know that he will die for you if necessary. As the movie pointed out, sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best.

I thought Chris Evans captured the essence of this. Adored the movie, too!